About Us

Everyone can relate to the jumbled mess that is remembering usernames and passwords across all of their devices and accounts.

There are requirements of minimum lengths, with special characters and numbers that include upper and lowercase, some of which have to be replaced every couple weeks. How is anyone expected to remember all of these logins?

With all of these requirements to secure our logins, they actually don’t make them any more secure. Over 81% of data breaches in the past 12 months are a result of compromised logins. This totals over 3 billion sets of Credentials stolen.

Our mission at TraitWare was not only to alleviate usernames and passwords, but eliminate the threat of compromised login credentials. Not only has our patent-pending software achieved this, but the resulting security our platform offers, is second to none.

Welcome to the future of cyber security. Welcome to TraitWare.

Data Protection