Certifications & Standards

Trust in TraitWare

TraitWare has gone above and beyond what the industry expects from a cybersecurity provider. With 5 patents and several more pending, TraitWare technology works NOW to secure the highest risk sectors, integrates with existing tools and systems, is simple and accessible for all users, and comes with guaranteed scalable excellence.

TraitWare complies with the highest quality, security, and privacy standards.

Compliant – Meets requirements for FIDO, NIST, AAL2*, SOC2-Type2, HIPAA, PCI, SEC, GDPR, CCPA, M-22-09 mandate from the US Govt., and more.

Standard – OIDC, SAML 2.0, on iOS or Android, and for virtually any enterprise-ready application

*The highest level of security for a software authenticator

TraitWare Patents:

US patents  (101649740, 1050388, 11068476, 11301555, 11406196, 11805121)*

*Selected TraitWare processes (such as registration, Windows authentication, and Linux authentication) are also covered by pending US and international patent applications.

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