Why TraitWare

Passwordless Authentication From Enrollment to Login

TraitWare has redefined the notion of a login for all your services. Built from the ground up with the user and admins in mind, TraitWare offers a seamless passwordless user experience from enrollment to login while maintaining the highest security standards.

See the chart below to learn how TraitWare compares against other login methods. Most options provide a band-aid to the already broken password login system. Layering on top of an outdated, legacy system is not what we at TraitWare envision as the answer to the future of security.

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TraitWareLegacy Identity ProvidersOTP Tokens (Hard/Soft)PKI Hardware TokensMobile PushOut-of-Band (SMS/Text)
Passwordless (Enrollment and Login)
Seamless Multifactor Authentication Inherent in the Login (2FA-4FA)
Passwordless SSOXXXXX
No Extra Hardware (most already have a mobile device)XX
No OTP Countdown Panic or TypingXX
Prevents Phishing and MiTM AttacksXXX
Prevents Key TheftX
Prevents Password StuffingXXXXX
Ease of Integration
Reduction in Password-Related Help Desk TicketsXXXXX
Easy On-boarding of New and Existing UsersXXXXX
SSO WordPress CMS Management (TraitWare Plugin)X
E-Commerce WordPress User Management (TraitWare Plugin)X
WordPress Site User Management (TraitWare Plugin)X