TraitWare’s patented innovation is part of what makes us stand out from the competition. Find out more about our unique technology.

Patented Innovations (5 Granted)*

  • Unique, confidential, and secure (>1 in 300 billion) token on every authentication request
  • User-unique and cryptographic token matched with the server before access is granted. 
  • Confidence score based on a statistical analysis of authentication factors.
  • TraitWare grants access only after initial user confirmation via a user biometric or PhotoAuth (photo PIN)
  • Can require pre-authentication to the app before requesting a push notification from the app

Patents Pending

  • Uniquely, confidentially, and securely authenticate a user and any of their devices
  • Secure login via a Direct Login button 
  • MFA-inherent upon deployment of QR-based secure login includes a unique proprietary QR flow
  • Minimal touch-only registration for app users. No typing needed

*US patents  (101649740, 1050388, 11068476, 11301555, 11406196, 11805121)

Selected TraitWare processes (such as registration, Windows authentication, and Linux authentication) are also covered by pending US and international patent applications.

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