TraitWare + Keeper

Passwordless MFA Access for Any SSO-Ready App

TraitWare enhances existing Keeper Enterprise deployments with Real Passwordless MFA for True Zero Trust Access.

Passwords are the #1 risk factor for cyberattacks. [81% of data breaches are due to compromised passwords] [75% of ransomware attacks are due to compromised passwords]

Reduce User Password Fatigue and Keep Bad Actors at Bay

As cyberattacks have grown increasingly complex, so have the requirements for password complexity and multiple factors of authentication — but that hasn’t stopped attacks from happening.

Passwordless login flows strengthen organizational cybersecurity posture by eliminating the risks of credential theft through phishing schemes. If employees aren’t using passwords, they can’t inadvertently disclose them to cybercriminals! 

Passwordless authentication also improves productivity by eliminating password reset requests, which are time-consuming and frustrating for both users and IT administrators.

TraitWare + Keeper brings true Passwordless MFA to your users’ Keeper Vaults, eliminating master password authentication to Keeper and allowing integration of Passwordless MFA with your SSO provider or directly through Keeper, depending on your organization’s requirements. 

TraitWare + Keeper creates a seamless user experience that eliminates the need to enter a single password.

Why organizations choose TraitWare + Keeper

Customers choose TraitWare + Keeper for vastly improved access security and simplified login. In just 3 touches, with MFA inherent in the solution, users can access their Keeper vault with the keys to all applications in one go.

Enhanced Access Control

TraitWare implements unique biometrics, dynamic identity, and a transparent single-use access code to simplify and secure access to Keeper Enterprise customers’ applications.

Simple, Secure & Scalable

Once their smartphone has been activated as a token, users can log in to Keeper instantaneously by scanning a QR code, or directly from their smartphone with Real Passwordless MFA.