Accountability 2.0 : Compliance Isn’t Enough!

Compliance Isn’t Enough! – Putting Regulations Into Practice

Moving Beyond Just Checking the Boxes – To Implementing Strong Security

While there is no shortage of regulations around cybersecurity for the enterprise, we’re falling behind. One Cisco study shows that a mere 15% of companies surveyed have the right measures in place to defend against cyber-attack.

In this month’s ReadySetCyber – August 23rd at 8.30 am PST / 10.30 am CST / 17.30 CEST, we discussed the regulations around cyber security – from the Federal Trade Commission’s FTC Safeguards Rule to the recently updated Cyber Security Framework (CSF) 2.0 from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations – and talked about how compliance does NOT necessarily equal security.

A Jam-packed 40 minutes!

On Deck?

MODERATORViolet Sullivan – Cybersecurity and Privacy Attorney, RedPoint


Vladimir Bunic – Nestle

Jay Sundberg – The AME Group

Andy Runyan – Brightline Insurance

Heath Spencer – TraitWare, Inc.

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