TraitWare Events

Join TraitWare and Guests – Live or In-Person. Demos, Debates, and Deep-Dives into the Challenges and Solutions in Cybersecurity.


The ReadySetCyber Livestream is brought to you monthly by TraitWare. Featuring special guest hosts, and industry experts, we tackle the tough questions and the many issues and solutions around Cybersecurity today.

Unscripted and sales-pitch-free, ReadySetCyber is LIVE interactive discussion, with audience questions and comments addressed in real-time.

Some of our shows:

  1. – 1. Cybersecurity: Risk, Regulation, and Why You Should Care
  2. – 2. Proactive vs. Reactive Security – How Can We Do Better?
  3. – 3. Accountability: Whose Fault Is it Anyway?
  4. – 4. Accountability 2.0: Compliance Isn’t Enough!
  5. – 5. Back to School for Cybercrime: Cybersecurity in Education
  6. – 6. Cybersecurity and the MSP: Reality, Rules, and Recommendations
  7. – 7. Cybersecurity & the SME – Simple WINS!

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If you would like to join one of our live streams as moderator or panelist, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we’ll book a time to chat.