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How TraitWare Secures the Financial Industry

An overview on how TraitWare can help our financial industry customers with compliance, user experience, and overall security.

How TraitWare Secures the Healthcare Industry

An overview of how TraitWare® can help healthcare customers with compliance, user experience, and overall security.

TraitWare NIST 800-63-3 Compliance

An overview on the assurance levels that the various components of the TraitWare Authentication Platform adhere to as defined in NIST 800-63-3/A/B/C.

Secured Logins for the WordPress Environment

An overview on how TraitWare’s passwordless multi-factor authentication provides simple and secure logins without usernames and passwords for hosting WordPress sites.

Study of Digital Uniqueness in Human Interaction With Smart Phones and Tablets

An overview of how humans recognize certain attributes, such as appearance and behavior, to distinguish one individual from another and how TraitWare® uses the characteristics of those individuals in our memory in order to recognize them again from those stored attributes.

PhotoAuth® Makes Stronger Mobile Authentication Easy

An overview of how TraitWare ® has created a passwordless authentication solution with inherent multi-factor authentication that makes mobile authentication both simpler and more secure.

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