CyberInsurance & MFA

Ensuring Companies Meet Strict CyberSecurity Regulations and CyberInsurance Requirements with Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA+SSO

The landscape of cybersecurity has changed. And, requirements for cyber insurance have become stricter and more complicated for companies to navigate. Legacy systems and software struggle to enable solutions that meet today’s criteria.

Working with leading Cyber Insurance providers, we help businesses of all sizes get what they need NOW to be compliant, reduce costs, and stay competitive – simplifying and securing digital access with state-of-the-art technology.

Simpler, Superior Security to Meet Industry Requirements – and Save on Costs

The number and severity of cyber attacks have increased dramatically over the past few years, and experts predict they will continue to rise. Federal regulators and cyber insurers have responded with stricter security requirements for businesses of all sizes.

Today, in order to obtain or renew insurance policies, providers are calling for Phishing-Resistant MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication with no shareable secrets. In many instances, it is not simply encouraged; it is required.

We understand the urgent need for stronger security and the potentially devastating effects of cyber attacks on all businesses. (60% of small-to-midsized companies that suffer a cyber attack will fail within six months.) We also understand the importance of cost-effective and cost-saving solutions.

TraitWare, providing Phishing-Resistant Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) for enterprise login, has partnered with top cyber insurance firms to give customers access to the best … and simplest … cyber has to offer.