TraitWare + Windows

Passwordless MFA Access to Windows – Online & Offline

TraitWare simplifies and secures Windows Login – online and offline, with Real Passwordless Phishing-Resistant MFA™ for True Zero Trust Access™.

Passwords are the #1 risk factor for cyberattacks. [81% of data breaches are due to compromised passwords] [75% of ransomware attacks are due to compromised passwords]

Reduce User Password Fatigue and Keep Bad Actors at Bay

As cyberattacks have grown increasingly complex, so have the requirements for password complexity and multiple factors of authentication — but that hasn’t stopped attacks from happening.

According to studies, the #1 reason for low adoption rates for passwordless MFA is friction for the user. … We’ve Fixed Friction – with a patented solution that has MFA built-in — for greater security and ease of use.

Key Points:

TraitWare is super easy to install and use. (You don’t need to be an engineer.) Much easier and quicker than with a username and password.

There is No Back Door. MFA is AlwaysON with TraitWare, and there is no shareable secret, making it virtually Phish-Proof.

TraitWare login works with ALL versions of Windows.

There is no need for upgrades and no prerequisites, so it’s suitable for companies of all sizes.

TraitWare is Not Reliant on Active Directory, which saves you (LOTS of) money and time!

Why organizations choose TraitWare + Windows

Customers choose TraitWare + Windows for vastly improved access security and simplified login. In just 3 touches, with MFA inherent in the solution, users can access their Windows dashboard quickly and securely.

Enhanced Access Control

TraitWare implements unique biometrics, dynamic identity, and a transparent single-use access code to simplify and secure access to Windows.

True Zero Trust Access™ for Windows users

Traitware + Windows relieves password fatigue for users, simplifies user account creation and management, and provides an additional layer of protection against threat actors — all without imposing additional overhead on IT administrators.

Simple, Secure & Scalable

Once their smartphone has been activated as a token, users can log in to Windows instantaneously.

Streamlined User Experience

Users get an intuitive and streamlined login experience to Windows, on- and offline.