Active SSO™

TraitWare®+ Ampliphae Gives you Active SSO™ for 360º Protection

Secure Passwordless MFA Access for Every User, Every Time

Maximizing return on your TraitWare® investment, adding Ampliphae lets you automatically scan for unknown/unprotected apps in use, and detect where your users are bypassing SSO.  

TraitWare® + Ampliphae gives you Active SSO to extend your security, ensuring your users always make the choice to use TraitWare’s Passwordless MFA for access to all company accounts.

Gartner predicts almost 50% of Enterprise IT spend will be in the Cloud by 2026. The greatest portion of this will be spent on SaaS Cloud Applications.

Experience has shown TraitWare that the protection offered by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be seriously restricted by how SaaS Apps behave.

Put simply, SaaS Cloud Apps don’t always follow the rules a security administrator would like. Many Apps may be able to use their own store of credentials for user authentication, where they are not configured to use SSO, or where their own algorithm allows SSO to be bypassed in certain circumstances.

This allows your users to bypass MFA, reduces the visibility of how your data is being used, and introduces excessive risk when using SaaS.

Recognizing this problem, TraitWare and Ampliphae have partnered to provide Active SSO™

Active SSO™ & 360º Protection means you can:

Reduce costs of manual checks for active or passive SSO bypass

Ensure that Passwordless access is being used at all times to protect your company

Prevent unknown cloud apps from presenting uncontrolled risk

Prevent users from using loopholes in existing cloud apps to bypass your control

Get automatic real-time discovery of all unprotected cloud apps in use by your team

Get automatic detection of how and where unprotected apps are allowing users to bypass Passwordless MFA