Cross Devices and Platforms

Cross Devices & Platforms

The TraitWare® authentication process is designed for accessing secured resources (processes that currently require a username and password), using a device such as a smartphone as a token. No phone? No problem! Our security solution works with iOS and Android tablets as well.   

The TraitWare authentication process can be used across multiple platforms, such as accessing Azure, Google and AWS services, all with the same authentication token. Many of the other proprietary solutions are limited to their own platform. Our process does not require the user to own or control another token in addition to the smartphone or tablet they already have.   

The TraitWare system provides multifactor authentication from the start, whether signing into an app or website on a computer or directly from the registered token. The computer sign-in is completed through the TraitWare QR scan process. The token sign-in is completed using the TraitWare direct login method (both patent-pending).

The TraitWare smartphone app, available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, is rigorously tested before submittal and is designed to comply with Apple and Google standards. They have also been tested on a variety of smartphones and tablets. TraitWare supports iOS and Android versions:

  1. Android: 6.0 and later
  2. iOS: 10 and later

TraitWare continually updates the authentication apps to support the latest operating systems. TraitWare supports devices with both facial and fingerprint biometrics and can be used on smartphones without a biometric, using the patented PhotoAuth™ process.

The TraitWare authentication process can be used on a device without cellular connections as the process works well on a wifi connection to our authentication and resource servers and requires a net connection. This can be an internal or internet connection in which both the resource server and authentication server can communicate over a secure https connection. The QR scan process for access to web resources has been tested with Chrome, Explorer, Safari, and Firefox browsers.  

1 Bulk purchased non-biometric smartphones can be used and cost less than purchasing key tokens.