Malware And Ransomware: Are You Guilty of Providing a Resource For Them?

In a recent Article published by author Dan Goodin he states, “Thousands of sites are being used to deploy Malware or Ransomware.” Has your website been taken over? Most people think their site is low risk with nothing important to steal. However, you could be the one providing these bad actors a way to deploy their code maliciously. Everyone who has a presence online needs to start taking responsibility and reducing the arena for these types of attacks.

Dan Goodin writes:

“Thousands of hacked websites have become unwitting participants in an advanced scheme that uses fake update notifications to install banking malware and remote access trojans on visitors’ computers, a computer researcher said Tuesday.

The campaign, which has been running for at least four months, is able to compromise websites running a variety of content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, and SquareSpace. That’s according to a blog post by Jérôme Segura, the lead malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes. The hackers, he wrote, cause the sites to display authentic-appearing messages to a narrowly targeted number of visitors that, depending on the browsers they’re using, instruct them to install updates for Firefox, Chrome, or Flash.”

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Ransomware and Malware are rampant across all platforms. Let’s figure out how to Simplify and Secure your digital life.