Protect Your Citrix Workspace with TraitWare®

TraitWare® is CitrixReady Partner for Passwordless MFA Access to Citrix Workspace

Using TraitWare® provides enhanced user experience, efficiency, and security with modern authentication integrations for Citrix cloud workspace via SAML 2.O

TraitWare’s Passwordless MFA Login can be deployed in minutes because the MFA is inherent in the solution. TraitWare provides the user with a Passwordless login in three touches – from a device they already carry, to the Citrix Workspace. TraitWare is already available as a CitrixReady Security Partner so we can enable a hybrid use for both on-prem and cloud deployments. 

What are the main benefits of SAML Authentication?

  • Improved User Experience — Users sign in once to access multiple applications with Single Sign-On (SSO).. This allows for a faster authentication process and eliminates the need for the user to remember multiple login credentials for each application. 
  • Increased Security — SAML provides a single point of authentication, which happens at a secure identity provider. Then, SAML transfers the identity information to the service providers. This form of authentication ensures that credentials are only sent to the IdP directly.
  • Reduced Cost  — With SAML, companies don’t have to maintain account information across multiple services. The identity provider bears this burden.

How does it work?

With TraitWare, instead of logging in to each application with separate credentials, you’ll be able to open all Citrix products in just three touches – without having to remember a username and password again!

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