Secure Login by TraitWare®

With Streamlined On-boarding and User Management, TraitWare® Positioned to Secure the #1 CMS WordPress


NEVADA CITY, CA – TraitWare® Inc., is the leader in login security without passwords. Recently unveiled is the next step forward in eliminating usernames and passwords for WordPress websites. The latest version of its smart device-based MFA solution available in the WordPress marketplace. WP site owners can now seamlessly sync and secure their entire front-end user community along with admin access.

With three levels of user access available – Site Users, Dashboard Users, and Account Owners. Hence WordPress website managers can easily assign and manage all permissions from a unified, secured authentication console.

Therefore these new user roles allow site owners to more securely restrict access to protected content. All while deploying best practices transparent to the user. As a result membership areas or exclusive content for subscribers only are MFA enabled upon deployment. The device-centric authentication mechanism eliminates the risk of password sharing. Password sharing costs the content industry more than $500MM annually.

“We’re excited to empower publishers, content creators, and website managers with the tools needed to secure access to their websites,” said Herbert Spencer, CEO of TraitWare®. “The latest release provides a much more sophisticated degree of personalization to meet the needs of our growing base of customers.”

Consequently when these tools help make websites more secure, login processes simpler, and protect the creators of the world, everyone wins.

About TraitWare®

TraitWare® provides next-generation security to digital properties by eliminating the need for usernames and logins. Even more so, by eliminating credentials, technology managers can protect sensitive information by eliminating entirely the source of 81% of security breaches. TraitWare® was recently allowed a patent that covers the unique process used to secure websites without a password.