TraitWare, pioneering modern Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and adaptive Identity and Access Management (IAM) has announced its strategic partnership with the Acronis CyberApp platform, revolutionizing cybersecurity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their customers. This collaboration will deliver cutting-edge Phishing-Resistant Passwordless MFA and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to Acronis MSPs, to reduce cyber risk and address critical market needs.

In addition to providing Passwordless MFA to Acronis users and customers for simplified and secure login, TraitWare future integrations will give MSP admins control of MFA enrollment/recovery and enforcement. Integrations will provide value to the MSP by reducing support tickets and time to manage access controls.

TraitWare integrations start with alerts for failed login attempts or user lockout of their MFA token, along with alerts for attempted logins outside a GPS-based boundary. Testing is underway for several additional integrations that will further enhance security and improve ease of use for Acronis MSPs.

The Acronis-TraitWare partnership also enables the management and deployment of Passwordless MFA for Windows Endpoints.

“Our integration with Acronis signifies a quantum leap in robust cybersecurity solutions for the MSP. Moving away from traditional ‘Phishable’ MFA methods, we offer Passwordless MFA/SSO from account creation, to empower MSPs with control over authentication processes. TraitWare reduces cyber risk, simplifies access to digital valuables, encourages wider adoption of modernized security, and saves on costs.”

Heath Spencer, CEO of TraitWare.

For more information about our Partnership Program, have a look here and get in touch any time with questions.