Cybersecurity for the SME – Simple WINS!

Join Us for ReadySetCyber – Episode 7:

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Violet Sullivan, Crum & Forster


Joshua Copeland – BOSE

Gabriel Friedlander – Wizer

Andy Runyan – FifthWall

Heath SpencerTraitWare


In this digital age, cyber adversaries are an unfortunate (and largely invisible) reality for all of us. Regardless of the size or sector of your company, not having strong security in place could have disastrous consequences – not just for the company, but for employees and customers too.

But we know that not every company has the same level of resources available to them. Smaller firms may not have dedicated security staff, funds, knowledge, training, etc. – so, for many, cybersecurity can seem daunting.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Perhaps keeping it simple is the key to cyber success!

Where do we start? What are the fundamentals of security and what can we accomplish quickly in order to better protect against cyber threats? 

We’ll attempt to unravel some of the complexities of cyber and address audience questions LIVE.

Stay tuned for more information – Coming Soon!