Secure Login for WordPress

Secure Login™ for WordPress

Get started with secure, simple SSO for the WordPress ecosystem.

The TraitWare plugin combined with its mobile app provides a simple, secure login to the WordPress Dashboard and Protected Resources via web browsers by replacing usernames/passwords with a QR scan. Using the TraitWare mobile app, role-based Multi-Factor (2FA) Authentication provides an extra layer of security to your sign in process. To take full advantage of this feature, a simple setting has been added to disable the username and password fields!

Easy Install

  1. Install and register the plugin (Video Instructions Part 1: Account Creation See additional videos here)
  2. Send yourself a registration email
  3. Install the TraitWare app on your mobile phone by simply selecting the Registration link from your phone and completing registration.
  4. Now scan the QR on the plugin screen with your TraitWare Mobile App to add TraitWare to your site
  5. Log in to your site by scanning a QR for all future logins!

*If you have a firewall, please make sure you have your network IP or whitelisted. For additional information, go here.