Category: Account Registration

I was setting up my device, but I got an error when trying to complete registration.

If you receive an error during registration, there are few steps to complete to make sure that there is not an issue. Make sure you are using a valid registration code Registration codes typically expire 24 hours after your registration email is sent Make sure that your device is on the approved list We do […]

I was activating my account with TraitWare, but when I scanned the QR in the initial Account Setup window, it denied me access. What do I do now?

Please make sure that you have selected ‘QR Scan’ from the options at the bottom menu within your mobile app. If you try to use ‘Login with QR Code’, it will not work.

I am activating my TraitWare account, and I have sent an activation email to my email address, but I haven’t received any emails. What should I do?

If you have waited a few minutes, and checked your spam folder, and you still have nothing, select resend email from the same screen as before. If you do not receive an email still, please contact