We deliver up to five factors of authentication, with four of them being completely transparent to the user:

  • Physical possession of the mobile device that the TraitWare authenticator app is installed on. We use patented behavioral metrics to create a rotating ‘device signature’ that locks out the user if the device is tampered with (through jail-breaking/rooting, malware, etc.)
  • FaceID or another user biometric of equivalent security. We only use device-native APIs, ensuring the biometric is an algorithmic representation and never leaves the device.
  • A non-replayable, time-based login code (delivered through a QR).
  • The physical location of the mobile device. Authentication can be restricted to a geographic boundary and will fail once the user leaves the permitted area.
  • A unique ‘Image Pin is chosen by the user as a knowledge factor. Use of a pin is reserved for cases when biometrics are unavailable or must be paired with a second factor for extra security.