Easy to Integrate and Customize

Easy to Integrate & Customize

Our patented and patent-pending software is lightweight with a plug and play implementation. TraitWare can be integrated into just about any system out there. Tailored solutions mean we can customize our apps to suit your needs or embed into your existing app. traitware is focused on eliminating the use of passwords in all human to machine interfaces.

TraitWare built its integrations around the SAML2, OAuth2, and OIDC identity standard protocols and tested multiple SAML and OIDC integrations. Contact us if customization is needed for integrations.  

TraitWare can provide white label and customized authentication apps. TraitWare has SDK’s, along with libraries for IOS and Android that can be used to add the TraitWare authentication process to existing Apps. Contact support@traitware.com to request additional information.

The TraitWare authentication app is run on a cloud platform, which provides high reliability and security and that audits and maintains PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC compliance, enhancing the security of the traitware service. The authentication app has been run and tested on an on-premise server.  

Our WordPress plugin for the WP dashboard (administrators), protected content, membership and e-commerce (site users) can be modified to run on other CMS providers. traitware plans to support Shopify, Joomla, and other CMS.