Every 14 seconds, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack. While big businesses are often the target of massive data breaches, the risks for smaller businesses are higher as they have minimal security infrastructure, which makes them easy prey for attackers. 

According to Verizon Data, in 2017, 61 percent of data breach victims were companies with less than 1000 employees. This alarming fact reminds business owners on the importance of securing their business online—and one important puzzle piece of your business online business security is by having a secure login manager.

What is a login manager?

A login manager or a login management platform is a system with a login user interface, a login daemon, and an admin interface for tracking login sessions and controlling user access. When a user tries to log in to a platform, the login manager passes the user’s sensitive identification credentials to the authentication system. 

For better security and ease of access, business-class login managers nowadays typically offer multi-factor authentication and single sign-on. MFA uses security tokens such as one-time passcodes, magic links app notifications, biometrics, or physical keys such as USB sticks to verify the identity of the users. SSO, on the other hand, unifies user login credentials across multiple platforms for easier and seamless logins.

Login managers help high ranking admins and the IT team monitor login and logout records of employees. This allows them to easily detect suspicious activities and make quick actions to suppress it. The benefit of login managers is that they go beyond better user experience and security. It also helps businesses reduce their operating costs from password maintenance and potential losses from cyber attacks. While the cost of cybersecurity isn’t low, the cost of not having it is far higher.

Password Managers vs Login Manager

Password managers and login managers have a lot in common. Both are made to help users and businesses in managing their login credentials. Business-class password managers do not just assist in generating and retrieving complex passwords, potentially storing such passwords in an encrypted database. Similar to login managers, they have a powerful admin interface and security features such as MFA and SSO.

So what’s the difference? The passwords. 

While password managers still use the outdated username-and-password login system, login managers may not necessarily have one. Instead, they use other authentication methods aside from passwords. This may seem like a small difference, but it spells a big disparity in security.

Having password a password manager means you are still vulnerable to password-related attacks, such as keyloggers, brute force attack, password phishing and more. The bigger problem? Because password managers provide access to all credentials of your employees, it becomes an attractive target to cybercriminals. Far from improving you login security, it actually creates a security liability by giving hackers a very enticing target. 

Improving your online security

There are a lot of ways to improve the security of your business online. Firewalls to defend against malware and viruses, VPN to protect from WiFi spoofing, and SSL to establish a secure, encrypted link between web servers and browsers—these are just a few examples.  

However, there isn’t a perfect one-stop-all solution. The best way is to create layered security. Even if one layer gets breached, there are subsequent layers to stop your attacker. Some persistent hackers might continue while some might give up halfway. Login and user management is a core part of any organization. It is basic security essential that shouldn’t be neglected, and the best way to protect your logins? It is by enlisting a secure login manager.

TraitWare, providing the highest security for your logins

Finding an excellent login manager that suits your business needs is very important. Replace passwords and password managers with a simple, secure login. TraitWare is an enterprise-class SSO & MFA inherent platform which provides a secure and seamless experience starting from account enrollments, logins, to account management.

TraitWare is very easy to customize and integrate with a lightweight plug and play implementation. You can add it to your favorite platforms such as WordPress, Slack, Microsoft Office, and more. TraitWare also has a powerful admin interface which gives you control over who, where, when, and what users can access on which assets. 

Passwordless—and up to 4-factor multi-factor authentication, TraitWare provides the highest available security for your logins. TraitWare eliminates the use of passwords and instead transforms your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into physical authentication keys. No more worries about your passwords getting phished or stolen.