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The story of the password is worth telling … again. Because P@$$w0rD$_suçK!

Once upon a time, in 1961, man invented the Password for digital security.

Back then, there was a thing called the “perimeter” where company digital assets resided. The password was the “key” that unlocked that information.

Fast-forward to now, and technology has changed. With the Cloud, remote workforces, and access from personal devices, that corporate perimeter no longer exists.

Unfortunately, cybercrime has also advanced, becoming more sophisticated, more frequent, and more damaging.

While some of us have moved on to modern security methods, most are still using the password to protect digital valuables.

But the password was never designed to handle the mountain of data and applications we use today. (Even its inventor, Professor Fernando Corbat, later admitted it was flawed. In fact, a student who wanted to get into the system hacked it shortly after its debut at MIT. … But that’s another story.)

Most importantly, the Password – no matter how long, no matter how complicated that string of characters – is not secure.

We all know the password is frustrating to use and easy to forget. It’s a challenge to create unique passwords, especially as systems increasingly require longer ones with special characters, etc. As a result, they’re typically re-used, shared, and extremely easy for attackers to obtain – whether simply guessed, phished, or compromised with sophisticated tools. (The dark web sells compromised passwords in packs for affordable prices.)

Enter Passwordless MFA

So, if we don’t have passwords, what is the solution to protect our digital valuables?

By now, most have heard the cry from experts calling for MFA EVERYWHERE to protect company and individual resources.

We also know that NOT JUST ANY MFA is good enough. Today, as stressed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and others, THE MFA MUST BE PHISHING-RESISTANT.

In other words, the factors must not be easily guessed. Nothing shareable. Nothing you have to type in, remember, etc. That means it’s Passwordless.

But what about added steps? What about FRUSTRATION and FRICTION?

At TraitWare, we’ve taken it a few steps further … WITHOUT ADDING STEPS.

Not only have we taken away all knowledge factors or shareable secrets from login, but we’ve also virtually eliminated the #1 reason behind low MFA adoption rates. We’ve taken away friction.

Our patented technology makes it simpler from enrollment to login.

With TraitWare, we’ve simplified the MFA by REMOVING steps.

Single-Step MFA + SSO with ZERO SHAREABLE SECRETS for login in just 3 touches.

Take it for a free spin and see for yourself!

In the meantime, here’s a short video showing how much easier it is to log in with TraitWare than with the legacy username-and-password method.

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