Say Goodbye to Lost, Stolen, and Forgotten Passwords with Passwordless Authentication

Data breaches seem to happen more often these days, and each time they happen on a larger and larger scale. The biggest data breaches have compromised the personal information of millions of people around the world, and all of those breaches included passwords. With access to millions of passwords, hackers can easily and covertly steal as much information as they want. This puts you, your employees, your clients, and your business at serious risk. All this is due to passwords being the Internet’s biggest liability.

Password Hell
Internet’s biggest liability

If you’re thinking “Well, I’ll just change my password to something stronger,” you’re still at risk. According to the 2019 Verizon study Data Breach Investigations Report, 80% of all data breaches are tied to passwords. While passwords are required to be longer and more complex, 90% of employee passwords are crackable in just 6 hours or less.

The struggle with passwords is, at its worst, a dance with hackers and data breaches. However, passwords can be problematic even when they’re not being stolen and hacked. Lost passwords are a big problem for everyone, but it’s even worse for companies who lose valuable time when someone forgets a password. Six in every ten businesses say that lost passwords have negatively affected productivity in the workplace, and nearly half of all businesses say their productivity is negatively affected with password management as a whole. Leading to the Internet’s biggest liability.

This negative impact on productivity isn’t just an issue for corporations either; individuals will also continue to struggle with remembering passwords as the requirements become more complex. Some applications are taking steps to refuse passwords that have appeared in data breaches before, but these steps are often not enough to convince users to create unique, strong, and memorable passwords for everyday use.

Passwordless Authentication is on the Rise

Passwordless authentication may feel like a far-flung idea, but it’s actually much closer than you might think. Multi-factor authentication shares many types of passwordless authentication that you already recognize. From fingerprints to text codes, passwordless authentication is on the rise.

In fact, login systems that are completely passwordless are being rolled out by big-name companies at this very moment. Microsoft is in the process of phasing out passwords altogether. 90% of Microsoft’s employees can access their professional accounts without a password. While Microsoft is one of the few companies aiming to do away with passwords completely, even Google has been working on passwordless alternatives; their passwordless system includes a USB key with strong encryption that helps keep your account and personal data safe. These large companies aren’t the only ones rolling out passwordless authentication, but these companies are setting a new tech standard by moving out of the password era.

There are many forms of passwordless authentication available, not just to big tech companies, but to everyday people as well. A strong, passwordless multi-factor authentication system can mean the difference between a safe and efficient internet experience and a loss of data and personal information. All reducing the Internet’s biggest liability.

It’s Time To Make The Passwordless Switch

As Microsoft has said in their Passwordless Protection whitepaper, “passwords are no longer enough,” not only are they and Google taking steps to implement passwordless authentication, many large companies and influencers are talking about passwordless login systems as well. For example, Forbes has released articles detailing the future of passwords, and their outlook? Passwords are out.

It’s time to make the passwordless switch. Reduce your password frustrations across multiple platforms. If your a info sec leader help your company, employees, and clients as well.

TraitWare: The Best Passwordless Authentication System on the Internet

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