FREE Offer to Help Secure Your Workforce during Covid-19

First and foremost the health and safety of friends and families takes precedence.  With the developing changes surrounding the COVID-19 emergency, companies are adopting rapid procedures to help protect their employees.  The most immediate change that most companies are adopting is a shift to working remotely.   

With such a rapid shift to a larger than usual remote workforce, enabling employees and the IT staff who support them to stay secure and productive can be difficult.  We recognize that most companies have some technology in place for working remotely but a sudden expansion of a remote workforce may require some outside assistance. TraitWare’s MFA and SSO Platform has the capability to quickly get small to very large remote workforces connected and secure, and we want to help!  We are offering companies up to 3 months free with no future commitment. We are all hoping this unprecedented situation will be under control soon and until then TraitWare is in a position to help and we would like to do our part by enabling your temporary remote workforce with no cost to you for 3 months and no further commitment by you.

Remote Work Passwordless MFA Security – 3 Months Free to Assist Your Transition

TraitWare is an Identity Management company that is focused on providing highly-secure passwordless MFA logins for your employees.  We recognize that over the next few months, many people who normally work from an office will be asked to work remotely.  We anticipate a high volume of phishing attacks in the coming weeks targeting remote workers.  Because we have a passwordless technology that can be set up in less than a day and provides an easy way for your remote employees to access their apps, we are in a unique position to help.   This will help eliminate the threat to your corporate data.

We would like to offer our service free of charge for 3 months to small businesses of less than 200 remote employees.  As much as we would like to extend a free offer to larger organizations, that is not possible at the moment.   However, we will make it extremely convenient and offer a significantly reduced cost for others for the next 3 months.  

We know we have technology that can help during this unique time and are open to helping organizations however we can.  Please reach out if we can lend a hand.

Where we can secure you:

Cost-savings offer to help:

  • 1 – 200 remote users –  3 months free + free access to live set-up webinars
  • 201 – 500 remote users –  3 months for $1,500 (includes 4 hours remote Professional Services) + free access to live set-up webinars
  • 501+ remote users – user fees & consulting fees 75% off our published list price + month to month commit ok (cancel anytime)

Time to deploy:

  • Our integrations typically take less than a day (with minimal, if any downtime)
  • We will assist you directly with your integrations, deployment, and employee training
  • Employee provisioning + training takes less than 30 minutes and is done via a webinar

Watch our quick videos to see how easy it is to use TraitWare:

Please check out our recent blog post about Best Practices for Remote Work

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