What is Single Sign On?

Single Sign On, shortened to SSO, is a method of authentication that allows users to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. A perfect example of SSO that you’ve no doubt used is Google’s Suite or Office 365. Once you log in, you will be automatically logged into all the tools Gsuite or O365 offer.

In enterprise, businesses use SSO authentication to save time for both their employees and clients. Not only that, but SSO can be a much more secure method of login than standard password login systems. Below is a detailed list of how SSO helps enterprises in security, economy, and productivity. This can also lead to savings across the enterprise.

SSO Increases Security 

SSO is a convenient way for businesses to increase productivity, but they also add a layer of security to the login process. Because employees and clients have so many applications to log in to, they may experience “password fatigue.” Nearly 75% of online and business accounts are guarded by duplicate passwords, sharply reducing account security. Minimizing the number of sign-on attempts and checkpoints a user has to make greatly reduces the potential for hackers to steal or manipulate login credentials. 

SSO providers provide security from the inside as well. By using one set of login credentials for your business application suite, you can easily manage which employees get access to certain applications. All without having to adjust authority for each individual application. 

SSO Saves Time and Increases Productivity

A SSO service provider is an invaluable tool for saving time at home and in the office. When it comes to work, many offices require that their employees input passwords nearly twenty times a day. With lengthy passwords and MFA the login sessions could take long periods of time. All of this downtime adds up in lost productivity and countless login hours over the years. With a SSO service provider, your business can drastically reduce the amount of time wasted by using one login session for all applications.

SSO service providers also cut wasted, unproductive time in other areas as well. For instance, forgotten or misplaced passwords eat up tons of time and cost businesses hundreds of dollars per employee per year! By using a SSO service provider, both employees and IT departments can spend their valuable time getting important tasks done. Instead of worrying about resetting passwords. 

SSO Saves Money

As previously mentioned, lost or forgotten passwords, and the IT calls that follow, cost businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars a year to resolve. With SSO, forgotten password costs alone would drop significantly. The productive time saved SSO means more work gets done and, in essence, more economic growth. Behind the scenes, using a SSO service provider reduces the number of separate applications and systems you need to manage as a business. If your customers are also using your SSO system, you now have a streamlined application suite. In both the long and short term, SSO service providers save you money. 

TraitWare: The Most Secure Enterprise-Class SSO 

Finding the right SSO service provider to tick all of the boxes on your business needs can be difficult. Look no further. TraitWare’s patented single sign-on system allows businesses to access applications with a single login session, and eliminates the potential for password and username hacking by getting rid of them completely. With our QR-code multi-factor authentication solution, you can quickly access platforms without worrying about security. TraitWare admin controls let you determine who gets access to what. Boost productivity, capital, and security with TraitWare, the most secure enterprise-class SSO. 

Some of the negative side effects of SSO have been cured by TraitWare as well. TraitWare provides a single method of logging in to different accounts. Thereby reducing exposure and frustration.