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How secure is the TraitWare authentication system?

TraitWare uses Two-Factor Authentication to secure each individual client. The two factors that it utilizes for securing each user’s identity are 1) each user’s mobile device equipped with the TraitWare Mobile App, and 2) the cloud-hosted TraitWare Authentication Server. Traitware’s authentication is incredibly effective against malicious attacks and identity theft by a magnitude greater than […]

Is the TraitWare Authentication app supported on both iOS and Android?

Yes. You can download TraitWare Authentication with iOS (10.0+) and Android (6.0+).

Does my 30-day trial period start when I initially sign up for my TraitWare account, or do I get 30 days for each customer I add?

Your 30-day TraitWare account trial starts when you sign up for your account. Your account customers are all associated to the initial account signup, and therefore will not be given their own 30 day trials.