Is Your Website Ready for Security Services?

WordPress has made website creation easy and affordable for users. For a reasonable cost, you can create a website for your business. However, the ease of WordPress in some instances creates a number of security lapses that can greatly damage your brand. Furthermore, the sheer popularity of WordPress makes it a target for hackers. If your business website is using WordPress, you should know that every single minute there some 90,978 hack attempts made on WordPress websites around the globe.

How Safe are WordPress Sites? 

As of 2019, WordPress holds 60.8 percent of the content management system (CMS) market share and is used by 34 percent of all websites on the World Wide Web. On top of that, 37.18 percent of the world’s highest-ranking sites are powered by WordPress. You might think there is safety in numbers, but it is actually the opposite. WordPress sites are one of the favorites among hacker communities.

Why is this? Because gaining control to WordPress websites means gaining access to more than a third of all websites on the internet. One report revealed that WordPress accounted for a staggering 90 percent of all CMS sites hacked in 2018. At the time of the attack, 56 percent of these sites were sites were running an up-to-date CMS. 

These scary facts prompt users to reevaluate how secure WordPress is and whether they should use WordPress security services. Here are some signs that you need to update your WordPress security. 

  • You aren’t clear on who handles your website security
  • Do you have secure hosting
  • How are you managing your WordPress credentials
  • You are using an older version of WordPress
  • Can you to respond to potential attacks
  • Your website has been hacked or experienced an attempted hacking (note: whether you realize it or not, it is more likely than not that your website has had multiple attempted hacks)

What is Making WordPress Easier to Hack?

To have a deeper understanding of WordPress security services, we must know what sort of security WordPress provides and what is making WordPress sites easier to hack. As the top CMS provider, the WordPress team is made of highly respected development and security experts. WordPress CMS, at its core, is a secure platform.  The majority of security breaches of WordPress sites are due to its add-ons, themes, and plugins. Sometimes website owners are also to blame in their security lapses in a bid to meet deadlines or cut costs.

Free plug-ins and themes are gaps that are commonly used by hackers to penetrate websites. As they say, you get what you paid for. Free themes are usually side projects that designers use to hone their skills. They are less secure and are not as well maintained as the premium ones. However, most users use free plugins and themes to avoid what they think are ‘unnecessary’ expenses.

Most site owners also tend to rush in creating their websites for a variety of reasons. As a result, they skip necessary security inspections that make the site vulnerable to attacks. Cost and efficiency are the first priority; on the other hand, security is compromised. 

Do You Need A WordPress Security Service?

The security of your WordPress site is dependent on a lot of factors. That is why you can never be sure that it’s absolutely safe. A hacked website is a big headache for your business. Monetary losses are just the basics. Your reputation and customer base will suffer. You will also need to do a lot of work to clean your hacked website. If you don’t have backup data, that will be a bigger problem. WordPress security services give your sites layered security. Here are some security features your website might need:

  • Secure Hosting. Shared hosting services (think $10 a month hosting) are cheap, but there are a lot of downsides such as overcrowded servers and subpar support. These lead to a slow websites with subpar customer service. Enterprise-class hosting providers are not just highly-optimized. They give excellent security and superb customer service. 
  • Login Protection. A common attack on WordPress sites is brute force attack to guess your login credentials. There are many options in login protection, such as a CAPTCHA Plugin and two-factor authentication. You can also eliminate your WordPress login credentials by using Traitware, a passwordless security service that extends to your favorite platforms such as WordPress.
  • Powerful Firewall. The firewall filters the traffic that comes to your site. A powerful firewall would be able to block problematic IP addresses that cause problems to websites.

Not everyone is out to hack your website, but it is still better to be prepared and avoid possible losses altogether by finding a reliable WordPress security service.