If you are using the internet every day, you might have come across SSO or Single Sign-On. SSO allows users to utilize a single set of login credentials across multiple applications. Your Google account, for example, can take you to all Google platforms such as Gmail, Drive, Play Store, and more. 

An SSO service provider also allows users to create an account and login to websites by transferring credentials from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. This gives users an effortless and faster sign-up experience. For online businesses, SSO improves ease of access for both employees and clients alike. If you’re still undecided whether to use SSO for your business, here are five reasons that might help you change your mind:

It Increases Productivity

In big companies, employees need to login to dozens of enterprise platforms. A lot of time is wasted in keying passwords and accessing permissions from each application. What’s worse? If they get certain passwords wrong, they would have to call the IT team to request a password reset. 

SSO enables employees to cut down login time by unifying their credentials across all platforms. Thus, they can do their work right away. It also reduces time wasted by IT staff retrieving forgotten passwords.

It Increases Security 

A lot of people think that SSO compromises security because if a single password gets into the wrong hands, dozens of platforms connected to it can be potentially compromised. However, SSO allows users to create a single but complex and more secure password instead of multiple easy-to-remember but weak ones. It also helps prevent bad password habits such as password listing and sharing.

An SSO service provider also gives more security to the company internally. Admins can access all employee credentials in one place. It is easier to adjust permissions without going through every single application. As well as helping admins monitor login and logout activities and detect unauthorized logins.

Attract More Users

The signup process is the first wall needed to be crossed by your users. And if you want them to cross that wall, you want them to have a pleasant signup experience. Websites offering SSO tend to attract more users. Why? Because their signup and login processes are quick and easy.

If your signup process is too complex and takes a lot of time, your users might easily change their mind and discontinue halfway through. One-click logins using social media also enhance end-user experience. Another reason why SSO attracts more user sign-ups is that you get to ride on the popularity of known trademarks such as Google and Facebook. Google is facilitating the process so they think it is more secure. SSO increases their trust in your brand.

It Helps Save Money

A password reset shouldn’t cost too much money, right? Well, according to Forrester Research, a single password reset followed by a phone call and lots of wasted time costs an average of $70. Even if each employee only requests a password change once a month, that translates to hundreds to thousands of dollars of monthly losses. 

Gartner also reveals that at least 20 to 50 percent of all calls to the help desk are for password resets. Utilizing an SSO system for both your employees and users can reduce the incidence of forgotten passwords. This greatly reduces your customer service costs. 

Accelerate Business-to-Business Transactions

B2B collaborations need a lot of data exchange. To make these exchanges possible, organizations need to log on to multiple applications through extranets. Some applications might belong to their own companies, while others belong to their partners. 

Implementing authentications and permissions for related personnel to all shared applications can be very tricky. SSO helps businesses centralize the management of their shared apps. With this, all large data exchanges can be done seamlessly, which, in turn, helps accelerate B2B collaborations.

Many people may overlook the benefits of using an SSO service provider. SSO is more than just a simple login upgrade—it helps improves the productivity, security, and overall economy of the entire enterprise. 

The key is finding an excellent SSO solution that suits your business needs. Try TraitWare, a passwordless multi-factor and single sign-on solution that unifies your business apps to provide a secure and seamless login experience. TraitWare is easy to integrate and customizable. Get rid of potential password hacking by eliminating passwords completely and give your business the highest security possible with up to 4-factor authentication.