But you should ditch that master password anyway. And it’s easier than you may think.

Last week Tuesday, another security scare hit cyberspace and password manager LastPass. The scare points, once again, to the fact that passwords are risky. Several users reported receiving email alerts from LastPass, warning that unauthorized attempts had been made to access their accounts. The members said they were notified of multiple attempted logins using correct master passwords from various locations. LastPass representatives confirmed that the email alerts were related to an attempted credential stuffing attack – where attackers tried logging in to multiple accounts with previously verified credentials – but said that, in the end, no master passwords were compromised.

While the news may be a relief for LastPass users, the scare should be taken as a clear warning – another piece of evidence showing that cybercriminals are becoming wildly sophisticated in their methods to gain access to your valuables, and this is not likely to be their last attempt. NOT taking extra precautions to protect your digital assets is not worth the risk.

“Time to update your master password,” experts say.

But perhaps it’s only a matter of time before that one, through rapidly advancing technology, is compromised. It’s time for US to get more sophisticated too, to take advantage of modern technology to eliminate the master passwordand leave nothing for the bad actor to phish!

Experts have told us countless times that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a must for security today. Using biometric-enabled MFA, with up to 5 factors for authentication, is the way of the future. … We’ll go further to say that Passwordless MFA (native in the solution) is the best way to simplify and secure access to our digital assets.

But while passwords still exist, what is the solution?

Recently, TraitWare and Keeper announced a partnership that will change the way we access our digital valuables. Utilizing modern patented technology to provide vastly improved security and a simplified login experience, TraitWare + Keeper gives you Real Passwordless MFA access to the #1 password manager in the industry. With a TraitWare-protected Keeper vault, you’ll have 100% Zero-Knowledge protection and a frictionless user experience. Login in a few touches to access your Keeper Vault – without having to remember (or forget) another master password again.

How does it work?

Take a look at this video to see just how easy it is:

Any questions, contact us and we’ll walk you through getting set up with TraitWare+Keeper in a few minutes.

Read more about TraitWare+Keeper here.