TraitWare® Deploys Real Passwordless MFA™/SSO Solution for US Federal Credit Union, for Use with VMWare, Microsoft 365, and Other Enterprise Cloud Applications.

TraitWare was able to customize its solution to work with the Horizon Client (necessary to access our VMWare virtual desktops). We were able to deploy it to all our employees quickly and easily.”— M. Morgan – SVP/CIO

RENO, NEVADA, USA, May 4, 2022 / — TraitWare®, market leader in the provision of Passwordless MFA, today announced the deployment of its Real Passwordless MFA™/SSO solution by US-based Federal Credit Union for use with VMWare, Microsoft 365, and Cloud applications across the enterprise.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of data within the financial services industry, and in keeping with core company values, TraitWare has chosen to protect the identity of its customer. Exceptional reference is available upon request and under NDA.

The Texas-based Federal Credit Union came to TraitWare with a challenge many face – how to best secure and simplify internal and external access to company assets, particularly in the face of increased risk in our current world climate. Specifically, the company needed strong authentication for VMware Horizon that also covered Cloud applications.

The company realized that ‘Legacy Login’ (access with username and password) was no longer the way to ensure the safety of valuable digital assets – for the company nor for its customers. They recognized that passwords were not only insecure but also came with frustration, cost, and loss of productivity.

The company also wanted to ensure that the transition, deployment, and management of the product were seamless and frictionless for both users and administrators, while customized to meet specific enterprise and regulatory requirements.

“Our company uses virtual computers and, while we already have many layers of security, we wanted to add MFA to our ecosystem,” said the company’s SVP and CIO, Mr. Morgan. “TraitWare was able to customize their solution to work with the Horizon Client (necessary to access our VMWare virtual desktops). We were able to deploy it to all our employees quickly and easily. We are happy to have increased our security posture with almost no extra time required by our users. We are deploying TraitWare in a phased approach and MFA was just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few months, we will continue to employ additional security while making it easier for our employees to log in to the systems they require to do their jobs.”

3 Steps to Login

TraitWare integrates with the VMWare Unified Access Gateway (UAG) using the SAML 2.0 standard. When a user signs into the Horizon Client or web browser, the request is forwarded to TraitWare for authentication. TraitWare presents the user with a one-time QR code via the TraitWare app on the user’s mobile device, and the user is signed into Horizon. During this process, the user does not have to enter a username, password, or a One-Time Passcode (OTP). The user employs biometrics, a secure token, and logs in simply by opening an app and scanning a QR code.

TraitWare Meets the Demands of a High-Risk Sector

Financial Institutions are indeed high on the list of targets for cybercrime – with highly sensitive and valuable information at stake which, if compromised, can cause devastating loss. According to recent numbers from Trend Micro, in the first half of 2021 alone ransomware attacks in the banking industry increased by 1318% which was disproportionate to other industries. The New York Federal Reserve noted a report that financial firms experience cyber attacks 300 times more than other industries.

Strong cybersecurity protocols are not only important to financial institutions and their customers but also ultimately to the health of entire economies. In fact, staying up to date on cybersecurity best practices and risks is slated to be a regulatory requirement for financial institutions in the US this year. Banks will be required to disclose to federal regulators any incidents that might affect their ability to operate and deliver products and services. They are also required to report any activity or event that might adversely affect the stability of the US financial sector. Events include hacking, ransomware, DDoS attacks, etc. Similar regulations are coming into effect worldwide.

“We are honored and proud to serve our customers,” said TraitWare CEO, Heath Spencer. “We take their success personally and work to simplify and secure access across the enterprise. This helps increase productivity while reducing worry about Phishing or being socially engineered for passwords.”

As cybersecurity threats persist everywhere, TraitWare has risen to meet the challenges in all industries, providing Simple Secure Enterprise Login with Real Passwordless MFA™ and SSO combined for True Zero Trust Access™. To learn more about TraitWare, visit

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