Identity: Who you are. Who you identify as. Who others identify you as. The makeup of your very existence. This identity, while in constant flux, is used in your digital world, as well. That digital identity is made up of different identifiers and attributes (your traits and personality, in other words), are used most commonly in the form of a username, email, password, passport, driver’s license, etc.

Because of the constant desire for increased security paired with ease of use of a product while still allowing a user to keep their identity (or some form of it), the people involved in the world of technology have come together for the last thirteen years to standardize how a user’s identity is used. This unconference, Internet Identity Workshop (or IIW as they go by), uses a platform which allows its attendees to openly discuss the most cutting edge ideas on how technology can include user-centric identity.

One of the standards that has come out of IIW most recently is OpenID Connect or OIDC. This standard is a simple identity layer which uses the previous standard of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. What this means for a user is that the digital world is working together to create one method that companies can use to protect their users identity, credentials, etc. A standard that is widely accepted can lower costs for companies to integrate it, which then means lower costs for their customers in the end. Where does TraitWare® fall in this world of identity? TraitWare® these standardizations and concepts to bring their customers one of the premier user experiences currently available. When our employees attend this workshop, they are immersed in conversation and sessions that expand their current views of what is being used.

This workshop brings together companies that out in the real world consider each other competitors, yet in the safe space of the unconference, the focus is, “What can we do to further improve the security and user’s experience?” We all want to know, and we all work together to answer it. By creating a standard for each company (or future company) to use, we not only increase the speed at which technology can improve, but we can find the best parts of each method and create one greater method. The fact that TraitWare® replaces the username and password of a user could potentially cause feelings of unease as it is viewed as their identity. What can we do to allow our users to claim their identity back while securing their digital lives and removing the headaches of passwords? While we may not have the perfect answer to customizing a TraitWare® profile to make it “yours”, our multi-account app displays the email and account of which you have decided to replace your credentials on via the scan of a QR using our secure login app.Alongside our continued to work to improve the user experience of our application, we are also working to adopt OIDC into our authentication methods in the near future.

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